September 6, 2022



Borealis advises medium and large companies and serve own-developed HR related tech solutions.

Borealis was looking for HR tech solutions on the market that would support their professional consultancy background, but could not find any that were proper, simple and easy-to-use.

Therefore, in 2018 they started to develop their own digital solutions. However, they needed more developers to build their applications.


Borealis found BringOnBoard through a referral. They needed a results-driven, dynamic, agile and cooperative partner.

BringOnBoard has been supporting Borealis for the past 6 months in the implementation of new software features by providing React and Node.js engineers to improve the velocity of their development team.

Technologies used


1. React.js was used to build a responsive user-friendly application

2. Formik was used to build scalable forms with great UX

3. Used Typescript along with React


1. The team decided to use Node.js and Express to build highly scalable API

2. Typescript

3. MySQL

4. Nodemailer, express-validator, Axios and a lot of other mainstream packages


Borealis was able to launch one of the projects earlier than expected, which was a major achievement for them.

The easy-to-use application frees up the administration time of their clients’ employees, which allows them to focus on other tasks.

It also motivates and inspires them to give real-time feedback day by day instead of occasional ones during the year.

The BringOnBoard team performed so well that Borealis decided to continue working with them to maintain the solution.

Borealis and BrinOnBoard are continuously harmonizing their workflow and cooperation by the feedback they give each other on retrospective meetings.

“I’m the product owner of a Consulting and HR tech company. We have found that BringOnBoard could be a good partner, and we are right We have worked with two of BringOnBoard’s React developers, they integrated into the team fast and were productive after 1 month. The engineers are delivering the committed tasks in a predictable way with elegant solutions to complicated tasks. They have solid technical and communication skills! Cannot speak highly enough of the team!”

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