Why companies hire Hungarian software developers in 2022

May 18, 2022

Why companies hire Hungarian software developers in 2022

The software developer shortage has made it harder than ever to hire engineering talent. Global remote hiring is becoming more and more popular. It helps companies stay competitive by expanding their talent pool and maximizing the value they get for their money. Since Covid-19, the number of remote jobs has been growing steadily worldwide. Before the pandemic hit our world, the home office opportunity was a perk, now it’s expected.

Outsourcing to CEE

For Western European countries, the top outsourcing destination is Central and Eastern Europe. According to a report published by SourceSeek, the most notable factors contributing to the success of the region in the IT world include:

Proximity to Western Europe

• Good cultural alignment with Western Europe and North America

• High value due to currency/labour arbitrage

• Strong educational system

• Widespread cultural support of sciences, math, and IT studies

In this article, we will explore the state of the IT sector in Hungary to find out if you should consider hiring from there.

6 reasons to hire Hungarian software developers

Developer tech skills

In a report published by SkillValue, developers have been ranked by country, according to their technical skills and code writing quality. Hungary earned the 3rd position in all of Europe.

Keeping that in mind, if you’re looking for highly skilled developers, Hungary could be a better choice than most European countries.


Overall, more than 6,000 IT students graduate annually at 70 universities that offer IT and computing programs in Hungary.

The Hungarian educational system requires a great amount of domain knowledge to be learned, which makes the developers precise in their future work. Besides that, another skill that employers appreciate is their exceptional ability to solve problems independently.

Overall, the Hungarian talent pool kicks to more than 80,000 professionals from its 9.6 million population. We are safe to say that Hungary has a steady supply of software developers in both quality and quantity.

English language skills

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Hungary is in the “high proficiency” category, ranking 17th globally.

It is no surprise that most software developers in Hungary communicate flawlessly and are able to explain complex technical issues in English as all tech materials in higher education are taught in English.


One of the biggest reasons why companies are looking for remote employees from foreign countries is the engineering cost differences.

The average salary of software developers in Hungary is between $15-$31 per hour, based on Glassdoor.

The common salaries according to experience levels are the following:

• Junior: $6-$15 per hour

• Medior: $15-$30 per hour

• Senior: $22-$37 per hour

Location / time zone

Located in the GMT+2 time-zone, Hungary is a perfect outsourcing destination for most European countries.

It enables smooth communication and workflow between geographically distributed teams. The proximity also carries with it a good cultural fit.

Low developer churn rates

When you’re looking for employees for long-term positions, a crucial element is that your hire will stick to your company for years, and not leave you whenever a slightly better opportunity comes.

A high developer churn rate means that employees often resign from the company. Even a single developer leaving during an ongoing project can disrupt the workflow and cost about 150% of the employee’s base salary.

A study published by HIPA in 2019 regarding business services in Hungary reveals that the voluntary employee churn rate in the country was only 18%.

It supports the trend that Hungarians usually stay longer at the same company. The majority of employees find fulfilment in their job which is hugely beneficial for the employer and the team as well.

Popular technologies

We wanted to find out which technologies are most common among Hungarian developers. Data have been collected about the number of developers who are skilled at certain technologies using the LinkedIn Recruiter tool.

According to our findings, the most widely known technologies in Hungary are Java and JavaScript, both used by 30% of all developers.

The number of professionals skilled in C#, Python, C++, and PHP is quite similar, with 19%, 17%, 16%, and 16% respectively.

Hungarian developers in a nutshell: high quality, cost-efficient, reliable, independent.

If you want to hire the best talents at the best rates across Europe, hire developers from Hungary.

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